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Manufacturing and selling multifunctional bags.

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CEO Ji Sunghee


What kind of business are you engaged in?

We specialize in manufacturing and selling multifunctional bags.
We operate a specialized store for multifunctional bags in Kichijoji.
It has been 12 years since our establishment.

Explain about the features of CAROO bag?

COROO bags were developed, taking inspiration from the traditional Japanese “tasuki”
With the patented belt mechanism, COROO bags can be used in five different ways, providing versatile functionality.

How has the 12th year of your establishment been?
Have there been any changes since starting busuness?

When I first started, I used to throw around words like dreams and visions, but looking back, those were just unrealistic fantasies.
I heard that “you can start a company with just one yen,” so I thought, “Is that really possible?” and decided to start my own business.
I underestimated how difficult it would be to make bags
I mistakenly believed that if I made bags, they would sell easily.
It’s almost miraculous how the company didn’t goes bankrupt.
I have experienced various failures, learned from them, and repeated the cycle of making mistakes.

What are the things you keep in mind when it comes to customer service?

I recognize that each customer has unique reasons and sensibilities.
Because I enjoy talking to people, I often ask a few like-minded customers about their siblings.
One thing I am careful about is “not encouraging impulse buying.”
I don’t want to make customers regret their impulse purchases.
I hope that by using COAROO bags, customers will find them convenient and comfortable, and as a result, they will feel like buying another one or wanting to give it as a gift to someone special.
Actually, it is our pride to have a large number of repeat customers.

What is your goal for the future in your business?

From the moment I came up with the idea until now, I have believed that COAROO bags have great potential.
Despite facing various challenges since starting my business, I have always received feedback from COAROO bag users saying, “Convenient and easy to use.”
It is not an easy task to cultivate something new, but just like backpacks and tote bags, I want COAROO bags to become a natural category as the next-generation shoulder bags! I want to unleash the full potential of Coreo and, before I knew it, it has become the only option I can think of.

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